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Get your absentee ballot faster

Download the application for an absentee ballot here. Print it, complete it, then fax it to your county clerk.


If you haven't registered to vote in the state of new york (like me), you can still send an absentee ballot in for Texas. You can request an application for absentee voting here. Here are the deadlines folks:

Voter Registration Postmarked by October 6, 2008
Absentee Ballot Application Received by October 28, 2008
Absentee Ballot Return Received by close of polls, Election Day

Aug. 17th, 2008

i'm looking for a t-shirt with this logo on it:


i know it's available online, but i need it in the next couple of days. i feel that this shirt is an effective way to be neutral at the mets vs. astros game. =) i've seen it around, but i'm blanking as to where. hopefully someone can help me out.

thanks everyone!


here's what lastminute.com suggests for travel to Houston:

"Dress code: Might as well sink your spurs into the country-Western look, which is always in vogue in Houston. Get your Garth Brooks shirt out from the back of the closet, break in your denim jeans, find any belt with a gigantic buckle, and put on your favorite pair of faux alligator boots. A Stetson hat is optional, but definitely scores you extra points. "

This explains all the yankees dressed like cowboys straight out of the LL Bean catalog during rodeo season.

A garth brooks shirt with a stetson hat, boy, I hope they don't go to Montrose....

pickled okra

I spotted Talk o' Texas Pickled Okra at the Food Emporium on East 71st and 1st Ave. Its probably at other food emporiums too in the pickle aisle.

take the quiz

You are 83% REAL Texan!!

You're way more Texan than average. You're parents were probably from here too. We're glad to have you. You probably go to the border for Christmas shopping and are well versed in BBQ, Mexican Food and .. well thats pretty much it.

How Texan Are You?

they need more questions about food to make it more accurate. I mostly flunked on remembering the historical trivia. I was offended yesterday when a coworker thought San Jacinto College was in California. I said "San Jacinto was a battle in the Texas Revolution" to which the coworker said, "oh yeah, that's right, I went to school in San Antonio". !!! and you didn't remember san jacinto???? heh

help me get my puppy to nyc!

this is probably the most random post ever, but here we go!

is anyone in here planning on flying from either austin, houston, san antonio, or corpus to anywhere in nyc any time in march or april? i need to get an adorable 5 lbs puppy from texas to new york, and it's difficult financially for me to go and get it, or for a family member to bring it up and then go back. my mom would hand the pup off to you at the airport in texas, and we'd also pay the extra fee (i know it's $99 on continental, not sure about the others) to allow you to bring it in the cabin with you. i would meet you in nyc at the airport and depending on when you fly in, i could possibly give you a ride home.

i've looked into shipping the puppy and i've heard it's very safe, but it just makes me nervous for the puppy to be all alone for so long in the belly of a big scary plane. i've flown with an animal before and it's a super easy process. the only catch is that the pup and it's carrier would be your carry-on item, along with a purse or whatever. you'd also have to carry it outside it's carrier through security so if you're allergic, this isn't for you.

thanks for any help, and hooray for puppies! =)

pickled okra!!!!

When I went home to Houston for the holidays  my sister bought me a jar of pickled okra. Oh sure, you can buy Rick's Pick's smokra here, $7.99, slimy, tasting like smoky paprika. Or maybe you like wheelhouse pickles? $8.99, i admit, i thought they were a reasonable replacement. Then I opened a jar of $3.29 Talk o' Texas Okra and remembered why pickled okra is delicious, and why artisanal new york picklers just don't get it. It's supposed to be crisp, with a BITE- a slight spiciness that catches you off guard. Unfortunately, my jar of pickles leaked before i even packed it. So I bought another one at Fiesta, and along with that Tobasco Brand's "spicy" pickled okra. Guess what? Tabasco's wasn't spicy at all! Anyhow, I have long since devoured those two jars of pickled okra since I've been back.

But guess what? I FOUND THEM HERE!!!!!!

Yes, that's right! Pickled okra, TEXAS pickled okra, FOR LESS THAN $8! Amish Market (9th Ave between W 49th and 50th, between Duane Reade and Troma). They have Talk o' Texas brand for $4.98.

Boy, I'm really starting to love Hell's Kitchen!

Free Haircuts at Panyc Salon! (xposted)

My boyfriend offers free haircuts at Panyc Salon in Chelsea every Tuesday. Appointments start at 10:00 Am and end at 6:30 pm. He's gone through all the training and has been offering free haircuts for two months, even had repeat customers. You can get any kind of cut(he'll let you know if he can't), male or female, long or short hair, whatever, doesn't matter. He needs diverse clientele! He has to be able to bring in people regularly before he can get a chair and its really hard to get a start here when no one knows you. Even if you just need a trim, he will be happy to do it!

Panyc Salon was voted Best of Citysearch 2007. The founding stylists there have over 20 years of experience and a strong training program for new stylists. They also check on all the new haircuts. Its a really cool salon in a huge loft. All three owners are from Texas too! You can view their website at www.panyconline.com. Click here for reviews on citysearch.

You can email jeffscissorhands@hotmail.com to schedule an appointment. Just tell him what you want and he'll work with you!

**********Edit Do not call the salon**********

Free Haircuts, Tuesdays, 10:00 AM- 6:30PM!

; )

three cheers for finding tamales in the freezer brought back from the holiday trip home! chappel hill sausage too!