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I got into an in depth discussion of nachos with justin at a diner the other day. I thought it was my texan in new yorkness that came out, but then i realized, i've gotten into nacho discussions even in houston. I then decided it was my calling to start a nacho blog reviewing all nachos in manhattan (and everywhere else i visit).

Last night I found out it already exists. one problem- these people don't know nachos!


"Ok, so I am back to judging their decision to go individual chip toppinged. I enjoy a disparity of chips where the top 10% have 70% of the wealth (I mean toppings). It’s just a better nacho when you have trickle-down flavornomics – beans falling off to the next chips – going, and a supernacho – chip with so much stuff on it that you can’t tell there’s even a chip."

WHAT?????? NO!!!!!!!!

where's the flavor balance in naked chips? where's the shareability???? you guys are crazy!!!!!!!  Nachos are not about toppings, they're about, well, the actual nacho. And a naked chip is not a nacho!!!! There should not be five nachos and a pile of cheeseless topping covered chips, that's just... wrong.

Perhaps my nacho opinions are will still be a worthwhile addition to the internet universe.

::sigh:: new yorkers. you guys can't help it you don't know good food. ( i kid!         kinda)

And those nachos pictured look DAMN GOOD to me. But I'm not a fan of sauces on nachos... they only add sogginess, i can get a taco salad for that.
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Independance day

here's link to a post about our independence day on the houston community: http://community.livejournal.com/houstontx/2994092.html#cutid1

I like that it mentions the historical myth that the battle of texas was whites against mexicans. It wasn't, it was a Mexican civil war. To deny some mexicans their cultural heritage simply because they agreed with mexicans who recently immigrated from the US is vastly ignorant.

my last meal (xposted to my journal)

After watching last week's top chef I wondered what would i want for my last meal?

Honestly, I'd probably want Cheese Enchiladas (in meatless chili gravy) with refried beans and spanish rice. Though I would consider forgoing the rice for a crispy taco.

Manhattan Chili Company

I have been passionate about Bruce's chili since first bite last year. I've yet to stop by the actual restaurant , but I tried all I could from the demo's he set up at whole foods bowery.

I don't like poultry chilis, so its no surprise I don't like those. As for vegetarian chili I recommend the Red Lentil Chili. It has a nice flavor and texture. The 4 bean and totally veggie are like the typical veggie stews that get called vegetarian chili. Good in their own right, but frustratingly not chili. When I was vegetarian I hated veggie chilis because they'd always build me up for an experience that would le tme down. They were always veggie stew. The lentil is something else though. Its chili.

Numero Uno has a nice depth of flavor with background notes of cinnamon and chocolate. It isn't spicy. I recently read a review where it was too spicy for someone to finish, I don't find it spicy. So new yorker- yes its spicy, texan- yes its mild. The Texas Chain Gang is my true love though. Yes, it has beans, that's the glaring inaccuracy, and ground meat. But you' ve got to admit there are plenty of housewives at small chili cook offs with beans, and tomatoes, and corn and all kinds of non authentic ingredients. The point is the flavor is there. It really is. IT takes many people years to realize the chili flavor is chile. Maybe it wouldn't hold a candle to the best chili in texas or to your own home made chili, but it is definitely good chili. This one is slightly spicy. It gets spicier with each bite, but it isn't overbearing (unless you're a born and raised northeasterner). The Choral Society is also good. The flavor is much milder and it has tomato and is thin, but it tastes just like the chili made at someone's school or church. Not the best chili, but I can't believe how authentic that flavor is to my memory! You know the chili I'm talking about, someone else made it and it isn't terrible and you're polite enough to tell them its good, but its more like a good beef soup. Unless of course you are that other person that makes the church or school chili! In that case, I apologize for my bluntness, and you'll love the choral society chili. I really enjoy it. I always loved the full spectrum of chili interpretation, as long as it tastes good.

I really want to try the real mccoy. As close as Bruce got with chain gang, I can only imagine the real mcCoy is just that. Its spicy, no beans, and made with chunks of beef instead of ground beef. Anyone tried it yet?

ManhattanChili Company
109 E 42nd St
New York, NY 10017
(212) 682-6644

It is also sold at whole foods market. If you're itching to try the chain gang, choral society, or numero uno, I suggest Whole Foods Bowery.

Restaurants I must try

El Rio Grande- supposedly ripped off Ninfa's Menu, but the menu I see online is nothing like Ninfa's. However, they do have several tex-mex classics that aren't normally on an nyc menu.

Pinche Taqueria - supposedly awesome baja style fish tacos and at my subway stop for work.

Rodeo Bar- recommended by other texans and rumored to have Shiner.

La Esquina- recommended by a friend.

Arriba Arriba- recommended by a friend whose opinion on mexican food is held in high regard. Although truly, the san antonio food he prepares in his own apartment is probably superior to any restaurant.

Hill Country- I tried it, but I need to try brunch. I need to know that i'm not missing great migas, breakfast tacos, and cheese enchiladas. (wasn't impressed by their barbecue, but loved the mac n cheese and pb& j cupcakes)

anything else anyone's had that's decent texmex/southern/cajun/ textex?

The Beaner Bar!

Yum! I went to the Beaner Bar today. My coffee was delicious, it was a mexican mocha with hemp milk. Chocolatey and yummy. I also had two tamales. They reminded me of the tamales i had in hell's kitchen, with the really moist dough, but they were much more generous with the filling. I poured green sauce on them. The green sauce was creamy, maybe it had avocado in it? I forgot to ask Veronica (who is from Houston!).  Its a cute bar with coffee can lights and mosaic tiles and a rock star bathroom. Its a comfy place to sit around and talk and everyone there is friendly. Definitely check it out if you like coffee (or tamales!). I was too full to try the Vegan Pumpkin Cupcakes sweetened with Agave Nectar. I love that they have agave nectar and raw sugar available. Also, it means its relatively diet friendly for me. Sinus friendly too, considering I can choose from soy or hemp milk if I don't want cow milk.

Tomorrow they're having a big Dia de los Muertos celebration. Live music, alter making, and a mexican plate (tamale, rice, beans, sugar skull) for $5. Check it out, it'll be fun!

L train to Graham Avenue . Walk north to 447 Graham Avenue. They're on the left, beside the B43 bus stop, before Richardson Street. (next to Muddy Paws)

Absentee Voting Deadline

October 28 is the last day you can get your Application for Voting By Mail into the county clerks office. It can not be postmarked 10/28, it must be in the actual office.

You can find your county clerk's fax number here

Abita Root Beer and Shake Shack

The Upper West Side Shake Shack has  Abita root beer on tap. I know at least one person here will be happy to hear that!